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Recent research devoted to the study of outcome Based Education has created deeper awareness and understanding of teaching learning processes. Despite these great strides, there is still more work that remains to be done. Gaps in understanding about Outcome Based Education persist despite an increase in its adoption .The aim of this conference is to explore innovative ways to research and address these issues. This conference is designed to encourage the society and participants to think creatively about how new strategies might forge new ground in understanding and addressing issues in Outcome Based Education so that higher education can be transformed meaningfully across the globe.

This Conference would also provide an opportunity for cross cultural and cross border intellectual exchange by reaching out to national as well as international audience.

About the CAPSL

CAPSL (Centre for Academic Practices and Student Learning) was started in the year 2016 in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin under the present contemporisation program at TIET. The basic objective of this new direction program is to motivate and train the faculty members of various Departments to excel in their teaching by shifting from Teacher centric learning to student centric learning. The program focuses on the professional development of the faculty by training them through various modules, showcase events, Community of Practices (COP), expert session etc. After completion of preliminary module, the interested faculty members are also sent to Trinity College Dublin for further learning of advanced modules. The faculty members who have completed the advanced modules become the trainers for the trainee faculty. Dr. Michael Wride, Dr. Michelle Share and Dr. Ciara O’Farrell from Trinity College Dublin are also part of the training program during both preliminary modules and advanced modules.


About the TIET

The Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET) is one of India’s oldest and finest educational institutions, which provides a steady source of highly skilled talent to the nation as well as overseas. Founded in 1956 with a campus spread across sprawling 250 acres, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, located in Patiala, has been a pioneer in engineering education, research and innovation. Our community involves ingenious minds solvers who are eager to make the world a better place to live in with their innovative techniques and discoveries.

About Patiala

Patiala is a city in southeastern Punjab, northwestern India. It is the fourth largest city in the state and is the administrative capital of Patiala district. Patiala is the erstwhile princely state of Punjab, which is situated in the Malwa region. The city covers a total area of 365 km. It is a judicious synthesis of a brilliant spectrum of Rajput, Mughal and Punjabi cultures and a fine blend of modernity and tradition. The City of Patiala is located around the Qila Mubarak (An original fort from where the city started evolving). It was constructed by chieftain ‘Baba Ala Singh’, who founded the royal dynasty of the Patiala State in 1763. The citizens of Patiala boastfully consider themselves the torchbearers of Punjabi culture and heritage. The intricate and beautiful artwork of Phulkari, the bright colors of Patiala Pagadi, Parandi and Jutti, the largeness of the Patiala peg and the comfort of Patiala salwar, form the essence of the city of Patiala. The handicrafts of Patiala are intricate and beautiful like the Phulkari embroidery. Also, Juttis, a traditional footwear, the Patiala Turban and the Patiala salwar are known for their comfort and style statement.

Qila Mubarak
National Conference on Outcome Based Education - Perspectives and Practices

Organizing Committee

Prof. Padamkumar Nair 2

Prof Padmakumar Nair


Director, TIET, Patiala

Sanjay Sen1

Mr Sharad Sanjay Sen


Member Board of Governors, TIET, Patiala


Prof Ajay Batish

Dy Chairperson

Deputy Director, TIET, Patiala


Dr Parag Nijhawan


Associate Professor, EIED, TIET, Patiala


Dr Gagandeep Kaur


Associate Professor, EIED, TIET, Patiala


Dr Anoop Kumar

Organising Secretary

Associate Professor, SEE, TIET, Patiala


Dr Gurvinder Kaur

Organizing Secretary

Associate Professor, SHSS, TIET, Patiala

TP Singh

Dr TP Singh

Organizing Committee Member

Head, Mechanical, TIET, Patiala

Advisory Committee

S. No. Name Designation Affiliation
1 Ms Patricia Callaghan Academic Secretary Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
2 Prof Roop Mahajan Professor, Mechanical Engineering Virginia Tech, USA
3 Prof Sanjeev Bedi Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronics University of Waterloo, Canada
4 Dr Ciara O'Ferrell Head, Academic Practice Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
5 Dr Michael Wride Lead, Transformative Pedagogies University of Limerick, Ireland
6 Prof C C Tripathi Director NITTTR, Bhopal
7 Prof Rakesh Sehgal Director NIT, Srinagar
8 Prof H S Bains Director Punjab University Regional Centre, Hoshiarpur
9 Prof Rajiv Garg Professor, Industrial Engineering B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar
10 Prof A B Gupta Professor, Curriculum Development NITTTR, Chandigarh
11 Prof B P Sahu Professor, Adult and Continuing Education North Eastern Hill University, Shilong
12 Prof Puneet Tandon Professor & Head, Mechanical Engineering & Smart Manufacturing IIITDM, Jabalpur
13 Prof Anil Sehrawat Dy Director, Corporate Communications Amity University, Noida
14 Dr Raghuveer Singh Director, Academics Jammu Institute of Ayurveda and Research, Jammu
15 Prof Rajesh Bhatia Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department PEC, Chandigarh
16 Dr Harshavardhan Samalia Associate Professor, EDIC NITTTR, Chandigarh
Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala

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OBE2023 Conference

Expected Outcome from the Conference

A tool kit for implementation of various techniques that can be used for Outcome Based Education.


Documented research articles, video briefs, information material and such other relevant material.


Conference proceedings will be published with all accepted papers in the form of abstract book.


Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, Punjab, India

Event Hall:

Learning Block (L-Block)

Summit Schedule:

April 17-18, 2023 – 0900 to 1800


Name: Dr Gagandeep Kaur/Dr Gurvinder Kaur

Phone: 9815601485, 9115608843

Email: obe2023in@gmail.com

National Conference on Outcome Based Education - Perspectives & Practices